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Need somewhere to take the children, walk yourself fit, take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the countryside, or just walk your dog. See some Videos down this page.
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Sssnakes Alive Exhibition, Liverpool

now until 22nd February

A family friendly exhibition in the World Museum in Liverpool. The museum to the Right of St Georges Hall as you exit Lime Street train Station.
How do snakes capture their prey? Or why they shed their skin? Find out the answers and other slippery snake facts at 'Sssnakes Alive!'
Live snakes, include a boa constrictor and a royal python. You will learn about the importance of conservation and discover what life is like in countries where encounters with deadly snakes are a daily occurrence.
Objects on display include a Burmese python skeleton and stunning photographs of snakes from around the world. There will be fun interactive displays and younger visitors can dress up in snake camouflage or play a giant game of Snakes & Ladders.
'Sssnakes Alive!' is a touring exhibition created by Blue Tokay, with additional content from National Museums Liverpool and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

the moon

Astronomy Night at Taylor Park Visitor Centre / Ranger Station

Friday 6th February | free admission | photo courtesy of NASA

Join the St Helens Rangers and Liverpool Astronomical Society for a night of stargazing.
The event starts from 7:00pm until 9:30pm. Members of the society will display several telescopes for viewing the Moon, Jupiter and other objects in the night sky, if clear.
There will also be an illustrated talk on astronomy in the visitor Centre.

For more information contact the rangers on 01744 678073, or Brendan Martin, the Liverpool Astronomical Society Observatory director, on 0151 489 0270.
Satnav : WA10 3HX

See the Taylor Park Article here.

Inglenook Farm

Craft and Farmers market at Inglenook Farm

Sunday 8th February | free admission

Inglenooks first Artisan Market of 2015. From 10:00am. With around 50 to 60 stalls scattered around the courtyard and in their Victorian Barns, you will find everything from cheeses and fine foods, shabby chic vintage, handmade jewellery, clothes, crafts, woodwork, prints and art, and much more.
Inglenook Farm carefully select their stalls, to make sure they find the best of what the region has to offer, and that all their stalls are independant local businesses.
You can also enjoy swing music and dancing with the Cotton Town Hot Club. Watch live wood carving demonstrations and of course visit all their usual art and craft shops and meet their resident animals.
And why not make a day of it with the whole family and enjoy a fresh, homemade lunch or delicous coffee and cakes in the, newly refurbished, farmhouse cafe.

Satnav: WA11 8AE

Other places to take the children

I will add more information about each of these soon. In the meantime you could visit the websites for opening times and where to find them

For anybody with an interest in advanced driving, we have a page introducing the St.Helens Advanced Driving Group.
The main aim of the group is to improve driving skill, knowledge, awareness and attitudes of drivers of all ages, they also have their own website here

5 fun food tricks to entertain your children

A video of some short experiments you can use to entertain your children.
They are all easy. I would have redone the egg in glass one but didn’t have another toilet roll tube.

Quick Walk Around Siding Lane park and Picknick area, Rainford

There are many footpaths around Siding Lane, making it a good place for a country walk. With expert advice from St Helens Rangers often available at the Ranger Station on the Car Park.

IF YOU CARE ABOUT ANIMALS - help the cause. Join SAVE ME

SAVE ME is a group founded by Brian May C.B.E, (Guitarist with Queen, and Astrophysicist) to promote decent treatment for animals. SAVE ME believe that every creature deserves a decent life and a decent death. PLEASE JOIN THEM, and ask your friends as well... animals need our help.

About St.Helens

St.Helens, is a town , in the North West of England, in the county of Merseyside. St.Helens has a population of around 175000 people according to the government census. Although St.Helens is well situated, in terms of access for road and rail, with easy access to motorways and two rail lines, there is little incentive for large high tech business to move to St.Helens, which is a great pity as the great transport infrastructure and the large number of parks and open spaces, in and around St.Helens, would make St.Helens an ideal place for IT and other high tech businesses to site their business. The old triplex factory site, for example, would have been ideal for the likes of Google, having both Taylor Park and Eccleston Mere right next door, as well as a good supply of houses nearby. The site itself has now been filled with houses and Eccleston Mere has been sold to a commercial Property development company with an, as yet, unknown intention. Though in the case of Eccleston Mere, it is just possible that it could be developed into a leisure facility. Eccleston Mere is in the middle of greenbelt, so we can only hope it doesn’t get developed into anything other than a leisure facility.
There are many places in and around the St.Helens area suitable for high tech business to locate and there are many people in St.Helens with the qualifications needed by these business. St.Helens, being so close to two major cities is also close enough to travel into for any external workforce needed.

St.Helens is situated between Liverpool and Manchester, though closer to Liverpool. There is a Theatre called St.Helens Theatre Royal, a cinema, a large Technical College, an excellent Transport Museum, an excellent glass Museum and exhibition centre called St.Helens World of Glass, The Smithy Heritage Centre and Museum, a few Hotels, a huge new Rugby stadium for the local Saints Rugby team, an older Rugby ground for the Liverpool St.Helens Rugby Union club (one of the oldest in the world), Golf clubs, some restaurants (mainly Chinese or Indian), many bars and pubs and many other visitor attractions such as the parks and open spaces and two themed Farms.
With St.Helens being very close to Wigan, Widnes, Prescot, Warrington, Liverpool and Ormskirk, you do not have to travel too far to find something to do.

There are many historic facts and many famous people having been born or Lived in St.Helens.